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Counselor's Corner

LCMS 9/26/2022 Counselor's Corner

9/26/2022 Counselor's Corner
LCMS 9/26/2022 Counselor's Corner

Next week is conference week and there will be a modified schedule.  Conferences in middle school are NOT required. Generally the time is allocated for academic or behavior concerns.  Based on research and the data gathered at Los Cerros, we utilize student led conferences to engage students and provide meaningful feedback.

Collaboration, creativity, and respect build lifelong connections that matter and make a difference, propelling us to work together across all boundaries."
- Diana Luna
The MVHS tutoring website QR was expired.  Here is the current QR code, OR you can go to
LCMS peer tutoring starts 10/15, and is every Monday from 2:45-3:30p in the library. Please have your student pick up a contract in the Counseling office. 
TUPE (Tobacco Use and Prevention Education. compliments of
Teen Vaping: What You Need to Know. 
We would like to extend an invitation for you to share any transitions your family may be going through with our Counselor. While we respect your privacy, oftentimes students can be distracted and unable to learn when they are worried or anxious. All information is kept strictly confidential.
If your family is experiencing difficulties at home, we would like to provide support at school. We understand that you are not always able to share details and that's okay. If your child is coming to school after a difficult night, morning or weekend, please text "Handle with Care" to 925-272-9639  Nothing else will be said or asked. This will let us know that your child may need extra time, patience or help during the day.
PARENTING TIP (compliments of
Our 17th annual Career Fair will be scheduled for Friday 4/21/2023.  If you have a career you would like to share with our students and/or would like to volunteer, please fill in this brief google form and we will be in touch after the 1st of the year. You may also email questions to